Transit Fedilerts

ActivityPub-compliant (Mastodon-compatible) transit alerts generated from GTFS-realtime Service Alerts

Source code and more info on GitHub

What is this? How does it work?

Transit Fedilerts fetches service alerts from transit agencies and publishes them via ActivityPub, essentially creating a series of bot accounts for alerts for various transit services. I maintain an "official" instance at, but this open-source software can be deployed by anyone.

The service leverages the GTFS-realtime data standard for retrieving transit alerts.

Transit Services Available

The following transit services are available at this instance and can be followed in your ActivityPub or Mastodon app of choice. Remember to use the format username@this domain

Service Username Lifetime alerts seen Notes

Developed by Kona Farry in Everett, Washington. Follow me on Mastodon